Walk for Water is the only Lent challenge you need: 10,000 steps a day – done your way. Every day. For 40 days. Go the distance this Lent and help to end water poverty. 

You don’t have to get tied in a knot about how to do it: whether you hop it; skip it; slide it; run it; jump it; dance it; stamp it; stomp it. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you put your heart and soul into it.

Sign up now, raise money and do something different to fight poverty.

Watch Abdella's Video

Abdella is 23 and he has big dreams. He dreams of starting a small business. He dreams of starting a family. He dreams of having his own home.

He dreams of the day he won’t have to walk ten hours to get water.

Abdella lives in Afar, Ethiopia – one of the hottest places on earth. Like hundreds of people in the area, he spends most of the day walking to get water for his family to drink. 

He knows that if there was water near his home, his family wouldn’t have to worry any more about getting enough to stay alive. And he could start on the dreams he has for the rest of his life.

Our Holy Family CAFOD volunteer team welcome anyone interested in helping with our Lent + Harvest Family Fast Day Appeals & if you would like to put “Your Faith In Action” you could support CAFOD’s life-changing projects by fund-raising, campaigning or using our online beautiful prayer resources. You are warmly welcomed to join our Fylde Deanery meetings, held in February & September, with other CAFOD volunteers from our eight deanery churches 😊 Our parish is also linked with a community in Colombia via a “Hands On” CAFOD project, started with our dear Father Kevin. Please contact:

What does CAFOD do?

CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. We are an international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. We reach out to people living in poverty with practical help, whatever their religion or culture. Through our global Church network, one of the largest in the world, we have the potential to reach everyone. And we campaign for global justice, so that every woman, man and child can live a full and dignified life. See link below what CAFOD does and who we are. How to get involved with CAFOD Whether you donate (, campaign (, download prayers ( or volunteer ( you are saving lives and helping us ensure that no one is beyond reach of the love and care they need.